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Dougie Wallace, street photography

Check out Dougie Wallace's website if it's the very last thing you do today - it's just phenomenal, you gotta see it.

I absolutely love all his stuff (since I got his book Shoreditsh Wildlife), but what I looked at today was his Harrodsburg series, of street pics taken outside Harrods in London. These images are a real sucker-punch; this for me is photography at its best: raw, colourful, powerful images with a powerful message.

For the heck of it, here are a bunch of other street photography links:



Street Photography Now project

Burn My Eye

Individual hotographers

Jack Simon

Graciela Magnoni

Salvatore Matarazzo

Jacob Aue Sobol

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Johan Jehlbo

Ian Hughes

Matt Stuart

Zisis Kardianos

To finish off, contrast the Harrodsburg series with this one by Kardianos on crisis-hit Greece - what a mad world we live in...

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