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This site is about photography !


Not me, but what's out there to be seen, looked at and captured.


Still, I held on to the "about" page and button, and I suppose I do need to fill in this space between my selfies, so here goes:


I work in Geneva, in a field not remotely related to photography, which has progressively developped into rather more than a simple hobby, and ties in quite neatly with another passion of mine: travel.


I firmly believe in travelling light, and this extends to my photography gear: though I keep rather more than I really ought to, I don't leave home with much: one film-camera body, one digital body, a couple of fixed lenses (28 or 35, and a nifty-50), rarely any zoom, never a flash.


I don't believe in too much gear stacking up between your eye and the world; simplicity, or constraint if one should view it that way, is after all the mother of creativity, and as neatly and rightly put by Didier Lefèvre (who took the great pics in the book "The Photographer"): "I am the zoom" !


Anyway, do GET IN TOUCH !! I live in Geneva/Switzerland - not that that's of particular relevance in the age of the internet and email - and you can email me at:

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