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Geneva sales season, Don McCullin, no particilar connection

Had to go do a bit of work in the office last Sunday, and my usual 20-minute walk extended to a good hour as I snapped the garish, sales-mode shop windows along the way with my Fuji X100s.

A fantastic subject, with great colors, lots of crazy stuff, lines, colors, lights to play around with and compose.

Wanted to do the same thing on the way back, though the light had dimmed a little too much, and my camera's battery gave up on me.

Got home and settled down with a glass of wine and a new book I'd just recveived from Amazon: Don McCullin's In England.

Just love this photographer; have several of his photo books, and hugely enjoyed reading his autobiography, Unreasonable behaviour, that really reads like an adventure novel.

In England is in two parts: the older photos going up to the 70s, and the most recent ones. The older ones are magnificent despite the often grim reality being depicted - hugely powerful photos of people mostly showing great dignity, that shout McCullin's anger at all this injustice, at the contempt and misery visited on our fellow humans.

The new photos on the other hand mostly lack this punch, and speak almost of weary indifference; neither do they have the compositional beauty of the older pics.

Another obvious difference between the two sets is the definition/resolution of the images, much greater in the recent photos (though I've no idea what gear McCullin currently uses). Wondered whether this plays any role at all ?!

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