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Wynwood, sneak peek

Rather too dog-tired to write much more, so here is simply a sneak-peak of my Wynwood photos (in addition to the ones I added to the slide-show on my home page).

Wnywood being a cool area of Miami that could be described as a slightly run-down collection of warehouses and low-lying buildings - though that belies its main attraction, i.e. the fantastic murals/graffiti all over the place, and the posh galleries that have taken over some of the warehouses.

People often wonder at how scantily peopled many of my pictures are, but in the case of Wynwood this was a fair reflection of reality, as I scarecely encountered a soul there - though admittedly it was very hot indeed - that and the fact that using one's legs as a mode of conveyance is quite uncommon here.

More to come tomorrow !


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