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Banksy ?

Just a little wink to Banksy, who naturally came to mind when I spotted those little penguins stencilled against a wall in Düsseldorf.

Quite apart from the fact that I really like his stencils and their expressive power, I'm in complete admiration for his conception of art. A cocky self-confidence that says "who cares what might happen to my last stencil, I can make a new, better one any day". A humbleness also in saying "don't bother giving too great a value to something I only spent a couple of hours on". A priceless finger stuck up at the stuffy art establishment endlessly preoccupied with the minutiae of the material object of the art work.

Banksy's art, in its form, speaks to me of exhilarating freedom. Freedom of the artist from his own, past works whose fates are completely out of his control. Freedom from the ponderous and entirely sterile discourse about an artist's or work's market value.

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