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POTD, and lots o'links, as long time no post

RIP June Newton, and again

Lens Culture portrait awards, from the Guardian, and from Lens Culture's own site

Don McCullin - on Lens culture (as the following links below - all above from the Guardian)

Ivor Prickett's End of the Caliphate (a book I have and "enjoy" (hyphenated, as perhaps not really the appropriate term given the subject), though it's really, really relentless)

Jim Goldberg's Raised by Wolves (from Magnum's website - not sure, may have already posted this a little while back - powerful as a sucker-punch)

Alec Soth's Youtube channel - huge fan of his books, and through his channel, really like the guy too, and his exploration of his impressive photo library

Royal photographic society's full archive, for free !!!


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