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not living under a rock...

... just growing weary of constant COVID coverage and discussions.

So instead, a few thoughts and links about another thing I'm personally getting weary of: street-photography. Too much boring junk coming out premised on the notion that anything labelled "street photography", with whatever juxtapositions and interplay of light and shade is worthy and brilliant. Rather like there's way too many soulless imitators of Helmut Newton - and too much crap claiming to be the dog's balls on the supposed strength of that other well-worn label, travel photography (something I'll freely admit to having fallen prey to myself). But hey, one person's travel location is thousands of other people's home, so how is travel photography, per se, meant to be special ?! beats me.

Anyhow, since I'm always willing to challenge my own current views or rants, here's a few street photography links, beginning with one about Daido Moriyama, who I'm still not entirely certain about though I increasingly "get" him I think, and really enjoyed a recent book combining pics and interviews.

A few more:


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