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haven't posted in a while ...

and also had to catch up on some editing, with random batches of pics going right back to the summer still not thoroughly sifted and edited.

this one's from the summer, some random road stop on the way down from Geneva to Provence.

and for a roundup of things I recently saw and enjoyed:

Elliott Erwitt's not really top of my list I must admit, but he still deserved a nod after his passing - so here's one from the BBC, from Magnum's website, and one, and another, from the Guardian. The Venerable man, apparently 70 years with Magnum, also has/had his own website naturally.

RIP, also Larry Fink, of whom I'd sadly never really heard I think before his own recent passing - as reported in the Guardian, here. Also had his own site.

Ellen Von Unwerth, from the BBC.

Here's a feature on Zied Ben Romdhane, on Magnum.

Shunta Kimora's images from Bangladesh on the frontline of climate change.

Peter van Agtmael's decade of documenting Israel and Palestine, courtesy of Magnum.

... and usually my favorite now Paulie b's latest installment of Walkie Talkie, with Chris Perez.


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