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no really, bugger sharpness !

like that quote by Henri Cartier-Bresson, and also rather agree with it - or at any rate find that I enjoy blurry images more and more !

just back from two weeks off where I found myself with a constant dilemma each time I had a bit of time on my hands: take pics or blog ?! you'll have gathered I usually went for the former, though in truth, a whole week in beautiful, fascinating, sunny Andalucia yielded very few "location-typical" pictures. I developed a fetish for graffiti at night, took countless pictures of my kids, and merrily shot away at the airport waiting for our flight back.

food for the eyes and the mind, if not for my camera.

fell totally in love with Cordoba with its incomparably rich history that you can feel in the air everywhere you go.

first day there, a dining-out experience neatly crystallized two peculiar facts about the dining scene in Spain: we went to the most friendly and succulent Sephardic restaurant, a reflection again of the city's rich, cosmopolitan history; sat down to lunch at about 3pm, and we weren't even the last customers to come in ! Also, given its cuisine, it stood out as perhaps the only restaurant in the city - and no doubt one of the few in all of Spain - not featuring any pork in any form on its menu !

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