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completely unrelated stuff

from my latest batch of film collected earlier today from the lab.

otherwise came across this really cool short film about photographer Marcus Andersen.

had an interesting discussion over lunch today, someone asking me about the difference between film and digital. as far as the result goes, i suppose ultimately there isn't much really - i get my negatives back from the lab all digitized, and with today's software, photos taken digitally can be made to render like film. So, as we'd say in French, it's really all white hat, hat white.

the difference for me is, at heart, a slightly more irrational one: i just love the act of loading a film into my camera, handling a beautifully made mechanical object, I like the calmer process of using film which prohibits you from frenetically shooting away like there was no tomorrow, I like the wait and the surprise when you get your film back from the lab - and heck, I enjoy chatting with the guy from the lab each time I go there !

For whatever unfathomable reason, I just like it very much better than digital - and liking it better, the odds are, I probably take better photos.

so there, i packed away my digital cameras for now !

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