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Today in Taroudant / BW

Had originally decided to document second week in Morocco entirely in film (Leica M6 / summicron 35mm / Kodak Tri-X), and I've thus been happily shooting away these past few days - but I made a partial exception today on 2 counts:

- wanted to take shots from a horse-drawn carriage during a long ride we took, and since a lot of it was naturally hit and miss it seemed a pity to waste precious film on that particular occasion;

- couldn't resist a few colour shots in the souk afterwards - though I eventually only kept a single one.

Loving shooting film for a host of reasons: calmer experience; no time-slot in the evening to allocate to culling/editing; particularly enjoy the rangefinder that is the Leica M6 as I just zone-focus then mostly forget about focussing and concentrate on composition (suppose I could also do that in principle on my Fuji, but digital is less forgiving or even suited to out-of-focus).

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