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Surfing the Safi waves

Safi - Essaouira - Tiznit - Sidi Ifni - Tafraoute - Taroudant - Marrakech

Thus went our Morrocan road trip

Safi was on account of my in-laws - but mind you I do rather like the place, mostly for its pockets of faint surreality, a harbinger of what clicks together perfectly later on in Ifni.

Photo is looking up from Lalla Fatna beach at the parking lot and surf association club house. reached by a road tightly winding its way down a cliff and into a thick mist thrown up by the breakers and the spray. Once down, a young man (actually my nephew) assured me in a tone that sounded official and unquestionable that the sand at my feet was the world's finest. As I hesitantly asked him as to what criteria, he conceded it may just be the finest in Morocco, though in a way that meant it was really about the same thing.

This kept being mentioned and lauded to me as a "plage sauvage", a wild beach - and that it was, you could see, hear, feel the power of the ocean relentlessly crashing onto the land, lacing the air with mist that slowly vanished anyone venturing along the huge stretch of sand.


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