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haven't been posting so much lately...

partly due to the fact that i'm waiting to get 11 processed films back from the lab (be bringing another 2 at the same time). should have them on Tuesday; give me until next weekend to sort all the pics and by then I should have plenty to post !

meantime, i've been on a bit of a binge - here's the list, in no particular order:

Daido Moriyama: Dazai - actually a story by writer Osamu Dazai, illustrated with Moriyama's photos; haven't begun to read the story yet but I just love Moryiama's pics, wonderfully dark, grainy and powerful, all in a stunning little work of art of a book, beautifully printed and bound.

The little book on Dorothea Lange at Phaidon, with stark, sensitive pictures from the Great Depression.

Anders Petersen, Valparaiso - just love this guy's punchy style, photos gushing with life, warts and all - and I found out he apparently takes most or all his pictures with a compact film camera !

Sally Mann, Immediate Family - achingly beautiful, strong photos taken by Mann of her own family.

Raymond Depardon, Manicomio - his classic investigation of Italian mental institutions in the late 70s and early 80s, beautifully published by Steidl; I can't really get ehough of Depardon, love the distance he often leaves between himself and the suject, with room in the frame to let your mind wander...

Lee Miller (nothing else in the title), at Hatje Cantz - not particularly nicely printed, far too many words; think it's probably more of an exhibition catalogue; a bit of a disapointment as Miller's work is as varied as it is intersting and compelling. I'd seen an exhibition in London some years ago that I remember quite vividly.

Christian Coigny (just his name in the title, it's a retrospective) - a Swiss photographer living and working in the Lausanne area; rigorous yet very elegant, beautiful and compelling photos, all B&W taken, I believe, in film. The exhibition I saw a few weeks ago in Lausanne (finished by now, I think they even closed down the museum for renovations) was a revelation and a rare pleasure.

Last but not least, Koudelka, Exils. If I'm allowed to be a bit fussy, I was a little disapointed, not by the photos but by the print quality that doesn't really do the pics justice. It's especially glaring compared to the amazing editions of Gypsies, Piemonte and Wall, for example.

Now, for no particular reason other than I dawdled around on the internet earlier today, a collection of links I rather like:

1. Film photography/street photography

2. Mags, museums, festivals, agencies etc.

* * * * *

There, that's it for now - until next time I go trawling around the net !

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