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a clue ? anyone ?

I'm a fairly frequent reader - or at least peruser - of and

though I'm trying to wean myself off them - at least the latter - as part of my return to film photography and a generally slower, calmer and more reflective attitude to photography and all that goes with it, including gear.

as you check out these sites, it suddenly strikes you: where are all the women ?!?!

a female poster or commentator is an occurrence so rare as to be miraculous.

suppose it has to do with women being able quite effortlessly to maintain a healthy detachment from gear, and a fairly complete, and admirable, lack of interest in the impassioned discussions to be found on dpreview for example.

whilst I don't consider myself much of a gear-head (I've never cared enough to open an account on dpreview in order to participate in any of the forums), I do wish such a complete detachment came naturally, rather than through regular self-checking.

all the same, the almost complete lack of women on these forums is certainly a pity.


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