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Coffee mishap in Fishawy

Went to Saqqara (step pyramid) this morning - more on that later perhaps.

On the way back, stopped at Fishawy, the mother of all watering-holes.

Asked for a mango juice and a 'ahwa mazbouta (coffee - turkish style - with medium sugar). As I was, almost relgiously this coffee is so damn good, bringing the glass to my lips, I heard a crack - and the bottom of the glass dropped clean off, and with it the coffee grounds and all of the coffee, onto my lap !

I was luckily wearing a pair of those light, synthetic travel trousers, so that, once rushed into the kitchen by the waiters, it was all easily cleaned up, and then dried in next to no time.

Now in fact wearing those very same trousers whilst writing this post and sipping a glass of local white wine at my hotel.

In any case, I certainly wasn't going to leave Fishawy without a fresh attempt at a cup of coffee - and this time it was brought to me in an actual cup rather than a glass, the waiter insisting that the Turkish-made cup was much better and safer than the locally made glass.

I swear to you this coffee is bloody amazing, near miraculous !

Just the thing to recover before meandering in the surrounding streets and alleyways, camera in hand.

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