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another cold day in London

woz in London for a week over Xmas and da new year.

had fun trying out my Fujifilm X-t1, little advance Xmas present to myself, with beautiful fixed 23 mm lens (equivalent to 35 mm full-frame).

This is one of the few B&W pics I took, crossing Kensington Gardens towards Kensington Road and the little path that strikes left along the inside edge of the park, where I knew from my schoolboy days I'd find the most - and the tamest or cockiest - squirrels for my young daughter to feed from her hand.

She didn't quite dare to but the little critters had her squealing with delight.

Photo makes me think of that really cool film, Blow-up, where the main character, a photographer in 60's London, sneakily follows a girl he's photographing into a park, shoots her (not in the litteral sense) meeting a man, and, subsequently "blowing up" in his studio the photos he's taken, realizes these show a dead man lying in bushes. Despite the premise, this is nothing at all of a thriller or detective movie, and ends quite whimsically.

Also went to Brick Lane (1st time) and Brixton (2nd time), managing only a few passable shots and mainly vowing to return, camera and plenty of time in hand, as soon as I'm able.

As it turns out, I took by best pics in the tube to and from both destinations - demonstrating yet again, as far as I'm concerned at least, that good photography of places often requires a fine balance between too much and too little familiarity.

Have a ton of things to say, but I won't make it before my eyes fall shut, so I'll post another, silent photo and call it a day.

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