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Hail to the D3300

I'm trying to organize a photo clinic with teens in Morocco sometime later this year or perhaps next - and so thought I'd take advantage of the sales now on to get some equipment - i.e. 6 or so entry-level DSLRs.

Was hesitating between the Nikon (my habitual brand), the Canon and the Pentax. Even toyed with the idea of getting the Fujifilm X20, so enthusiastic am I with a) my Fujifilm X100s and b) the idea of street photography with a discreet camera.

In the end, decided on the Nikon D3300. Canon EOS 100D looked excellent, but touch-screen and WIFI seemed like pointless gimmicks.

And boy is this D3300 a fantastic little piece of equipment !!! It's been dangling around my neck just about all the time since I got 2 of them earlier this week. I'm taking it out again a bit later today with a friend of mine, and shall no doubt be posting some pics during the next few days.

Really makes you wonder why on earth anyone would want to fork out multiples of the price of this amazing thing for a camera with more features you don't use, and just about the same image quality.

We guys really are a little odd (perhaps even gullible morons) when it comes to equipment and gear of whatever kind, and no doubt camera makers have been happily tapping into what compells us to buy an SUV capable of 220 km/h for driving mostly in the city and occasionally on motorways where we'll broadly stick to the speed limit.

However: my wike remarked that my unbridled enthusiasm (and non-stop use) of my D3300 was much akin to a girl used to Louis Vuitton suddenly discovering, and swooning over, Zara.

Now for something completely unrelated: friend who I'm joining later on for a photographic ramble about town pointed me to a really great photographer from Mauritania, Malika Diagana - check out her site:

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