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Sports photography

Here's a thought, coming back to my footie post from yesterday:

Is sports photography often constrained by the fact that it is expected by its audience to convey information ?

Typically, a football fan, when seeing a photo or series of photos, will want to understand who (which player, playing for which team) is doing what.

This leaves little room for any creativity that might obscure such information. In yesterday's post, I referred to the World Press Photo albums, without actually having looked back at them - which I've now just done: a surprising number of the prize-winning photos feature athletes who cannot be identified (due to blur, back-lighting, distance, faces cropped out of the frame, view from behind etc.).

Hard to imagine this type of photography becoming mainstream in sports - or at least in the team sports making the world go around, where hero-worship of the players requires that they be indentifiable in the pictures making the news.

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