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Brazil v. Croatia isn't yet finished (a few minutes into the second half), and since I don't really have the patience to watch football, my wife challenged by to write a blog post about photography and football.

To begin with, I've only a single book of football photos: Reporters without borders' album number 22: "100 photos de foot pour la liberté de la presse avec l'Agence France-Presse".

I haven't lookd at it very often. To be honest, none of these pictures are particularly striking or original. Mostly just a collection of the typical football photos you'd find in a newspaper or news magazine. Nowhere as good as the sports photos you might see for example in the World Press Photo albums.

Come to think if it, I don't remember seeing any really memorable football photos, both for what's in the frame and from a photographic perspective. Don't really have any particular ideas as to why that might be.

End of my footie blog post.

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