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Hong Kong, next to last day

Do you know what ? I'm pretty sure the man in this picture is the same one, minus a plastic bag, plus an umbrella, as the one in the Hong-Kong picture I posted yesterday, taken at the same location in Wan Chai.

How crazy is that in this bustling, crowded city ?!

Then again, how much sense does it make that I went to the same area and place two days in a row ?

Part of the answer is that I like it and felt there were more good pictures to be taken there - though the same could probably be said of any number of places in Hong Kong.

Another part of the answer is perhaps more elusive: I find that a certain familiarity with a place and feel for its atmosphere lets me take better pictures. Too much familiarity, on the other hand, and you have to struggle to see things afresh, with the surprise and wonder of their discovery. A delicate balance to strike, much like the one that a composer needs to find bewteen predictability and surprise in music.

For those of you who may now find my B&W photos a little predictable, I solemnly swear to take on a double challenge tomorrow, for my last day in Hong Kong: early start, and colour photo.

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