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Hong Kong, day 2

Seems like I'm not much good on first days !

Been here in Hong-Kong since the afternoon of the day before yesterday, and all I've taken so far are a few pics of this location, with this the best of the lot (to be fair, I haven't been lazy, but working my day-job, and also catching up on a bit of sleet lost to jet-lag).

Hong-Kong's a mad, crazy, insane, beserk city. It's difficult to amble aimlessly, or just stand and stare, as you have constantly to dodge and manage the current of people around you. More high-rises, more tightly packed than in Seoul. And yet not quite so oppressive, at least to the uninitiated after a couple of days.

Seoul seemed monolithic, boxy and grey; Hong-Kong is madder and more crowded, yet more cosmopolitan, more colourful, with more interesting and varied architecture, open to the sea (which you can get a whiff of even if you can't quite see it behind the forest of buildings), so that in a few days, though I'll no doubt be relieved to go, I'll go wanting to come back. Rather like the love-hate relationship I've developped with Cairo over the years.

Tomorrow should be a busy day with my camera, so expect a few more posts until I fly back on Tuesday - and lots more pictures, hopefully better and more interesting than this one, whose raison d'être is that I had no others.

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