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Seoul, day 2

Day 2 in Seoul, jet lag, can't sleep.

Stuck in a hotel room on floor 25 of 37. Large room, but seems a tiny cubicle in the hive of activity and the expanse of blocky buildings extending before my eyes as I sit beside the window. High vantage point does nothing to dispell a feeling of insignificance and mild, though pervasive oppression, of being boxed in, a feeling that however long of far you run, drive or ride a train, you'll relent before the city is ready to release you from its embrace.

This is the most relentlessly urban city I've come accross, with hardly a free line of sight or featureless surface to rest your eyes upon and let yout mind wander.

A first impression ? indeed, and I fear it'll be a lasting one, as I shall be leaving in another two days, though I would've liked to spend more time to walk the streets, letting my camera piece together perhaps a more varied picture - or reflect the iterations of a boxed-in mind.

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