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third and quite possibly last post for today + more links

this one not from the supermarket run, but a window in Lausanne a couple of weeks ago

gonz crazy for Rinko Kawauchi after having discovered and ordered a copy of As it is, then Halo. Illuminance was rather harder to come by; online order receiving, for several, messages advising of delays - then yesterday, at a used book stall at an open air market here in Geneva, came across a fairly pristine copy of the French edition, beautifully printed and bound, with Japanese-style double pages (probably have a technical name, yet unknown to me). Absolutely love it.

Here's more from Gerard Exupery on 35mmc

and a feature on Stephen Shore on Casualphotophile. sort of coming around to appreciate American Surfaces; really love Uncommon Places; also scored copies of From Galilee to the Negev (which I'm not sure I really get yet; apparently intended in a similar vein to American Surfaces, but doesn't quite click yet for me), Small Camera Work and Elements.

While we're at it on Stephen Shore, just for the hell of it, here's a bunch of links to his site, work, exhibitions etc.: what seems like his official site; from Festival Images Vevey; from MoMA; from Jeu de Paume; from ICP; from Arles ; from the Guardian (about the Small Camera Work book).

Over and out.


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