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Golborne Road with 1st Jan. hangover

wasn't really hungover, as only had a couple of cocktails in a bar on Portobello for New Year's Eve.

Still, the weather did seem just a bit hungover as I ambled down the Portobello on an early morning photo outing (just before catching a flight back home), hoping to find at least one or two compassionate, warm and welcoming cafés along the way.

Always like to walk down to Golborne road and Trellick Tower (not particularly beautiful but striking, designed by architect Ernö Goldfinger, said to have been an inspiration of sorts for the James Bond baddy).

I love Golborne road for its quirky mix of locales, dominated by Moroccan and Portuguese shops and restaurants, with a few oddballs such as a shop by the name of Les Couilles du Chien, i.e. The Dog's Balls (not as in football; as in anatomical parts).

Just a bit further down the Portobello past Golborne Road was the joint I'd really hoped to find opened (though it sadly wasn't): a real Moroccan café, usually quite full, though rarely with anybody other than Moroccan males, such as you'd find all over Morocco (speaking of which, recently got a beautiful book of Moroccan photos by that master colourist, Harry Gruyaert).

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