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Geneva ramblings in colour

Since a) I'm still single until Saturday and b) today was a public holiday, I had plenty of time (though I got up just after midday) for a long walk with my Fuji X100s - always in colour mode, and with my wide angle adapter in the end, true to my word !

Did I say how much I'm into this amazing camera ? It'll probably be some time til I grab my DSLR's for street photography again, though they'll no doubt remain the instruments of choice for portraits taken at home.

Seems I've come a long way since a couple of years ago when I was telling my nephew how I'd never "go digital" - following which I got a Fujifilm X100 (first iteration of the camera I've been using these past few days) with the intent of delving into colour photography (see the first pictures in my "Geneva graffiti" portfolio.

I don't however intend to let my film cameras gather dust. For one, they're beautiful instruments that I like using, and for another thing, I want to go out and do, as I would term it, "raw photography", framing and shooting on instinct, withour necessarily bothering to focus, whether in BW (the photos of Daido Moriyama come to mind, and perhaps those of Anders Petersen or William Klein) or in colour. I've got this idea of quasi-abstract pictures, also using the grain of film. For years I was always using Kodak BW400CN film (more out of habit than for any other reason), and recently discovered the punchy, grainy contrast of Tri-X, which I absolutely love. I don't want to go digital for this type of thing as the possibility of post-production would risk intellectualising or rationalizing the result, which is precisely what I want to avoid. Anyway, just talk for the moment, I'll eventually have to grab my camera and film and hit the streets ! keep you posted.

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