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Back to blogging !

Hooray, a colour photo !

Taken during a photo ramble in Geneva this morning, with my brand new (birthday gift to myself) Fujifilm X100s.

A truly splendid little camera. I once owned its predecessor, the Fujifilm X100, which took great photos (a few of which are probably posted on this site), though got frustrated with it due mainly to its slowness at focusing at close range, and its essentially unusable manual focusing option. It seems both these issues have been corrected (though I'll be sure about the first only once my family get back from holiday, ready to be subjected again to my camera's constant attention), with the added bonus of even better image quality. Much as I love my full-frame DSLRs, I often wish, especially for streeet photography, I had something a little more unobtrusive - and of course, I just love the fixed (non interchangeable) 35mm equivalent lens !

Enough said about this jewel of a little camera, though I'll be posting a fair few pictures taken with it in the next days and weeks.

In any case, though I wouldn't go so far as so say that I've more time on my hands than I know what to do with, curtesy of being single for a week, I do/will have a little spare time to shoot and blog.

So until very soon !


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